Chill Out: 4 Reasons to Call a Refrigerator Repair Technician Now

Have you been experiencing issues with your refrigerator? If troubleshooting the problem yourself has not brought satisfactory results, it is probably time to call a professional. Why waste your time and money on discarded food, when a technician can service everything from rusty or dirty condenser coils to water leaks? Here are four good reasons to call a repair technician and keep your cool in the kitchen: 1. Your Refrigerator Has Stopped Cooling Efficiently or it's Running Warm

6 Reasons Why Your Cooling Costs Are High

The summer season does not just translate to hot temperatures and barbecues; it also can mean higher cooling costs. If you run your air conditioner throughout the day, you will experience more expensive energy bills than normal. Here are six reasons why your cooling costs may be high: You Use Your Oven Too Much It is nice to cook meals at home to save money, but using your oven too often in the summertime can increase your energy bills.

How And When To Clean Your Kitchen Stove

If you are living on your own for the first time, or are just starting out in married life, you may have questions about when and how to clean your kitchen appliances. How to clean your stove and oven is likely to be one of them. Follow this simple routine to keep your stove clean. Daily Cleaning Cleaning cooking spills and splatters after every use will keep your stovetop looking good and operating as it should.