3 Repairs A Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair Service May Need To Make When The Ice Maker Stops Working

Sub-Zero refrigerators are high-quality luxury appliances, but even so, parts can wear out and the refrigerators may need repairs. When your refrigerator needs to be serviced, your warranty may require you to use a certified Sub-Zero refrigerator repair service. Plus, using a factory-certified repair service gives you peace of mind that your high-end refrigerator is in qualified hands while being diagnosed and repaired. A problem that might arise with your refrigerator is trouble with the ice maker.

3 Repairs You Can Make With Inexpensive Refrigerator Parts When The Refrigerator Light Won't Come On

When the light goes out in your refrigerator, it might not be an emergency, but it's an annoyance, so you'll want to get the problem fixed as soon as you can. There are three common reasons a refrigerator light won't come on. The bulb, socket, or switch could be bad. Replacing any of these refrigerator parts is an easy DIY job, and since the parts aren't very expensive, it could be worth trying to replace them yourself and save on a service call.

Do You Need A Larger Propane Tank On Your Property?

When you have propane-run appliances, such as your heater or your stove, you usually have a large propane gas tank on site. If you have a current propane tank and it's working well for you, you may be wondering how to tell when you need to have a new tank put in. If you are unsure if you need a new propane tank on your property, speak to a propane tank installation company and use this guide to help you make the decision.

Is Your Microwave Unusually Noisy? 3 Common Issues That Require Repair

Your microwave is one appliance that helps make life more convenient. While microwaves were once viewed as being an extra amenity in a home, they are now considered to be practically a necessity. When you think about it, your home's microwave receives a lot of heavy use that can add up to a great deal of wear and tear over the years. This is especially likely if you use it every day.

How To Keep Your Dryer Vent Clean & Repair Steps To Prevent Lint Build-Up

When you dry your clothing in your dryer, one of the byproducts of the cloth drying process is lint. Lint is created each time you dry your clothing. Lint comes from small fibers that naturally break off your clothing and are released when your clothes are tumbled around in your dryer. Lint Can Be Dangerous Lint may seem harmless. After all, it is really just tiny clothing fibers. Lint becomes dangerous, however, when it builds up and collects inside of your dryer in places that it isn't suppose to be, such as inside of the vents of your dryer.